Closed MCM68764 EPROMs - pin compatible with 2364

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Jul 31, 2015
The only pin compatible direct drop-in replacement for 2364 ROMs used in the VIC-1001, VIC-20, C64, SX-64, VIC-1540, VIC-1541, standard 1541 and 2031LP disk drives.

They are also used in VIC-20 and C64 game cartridges made by Commodore so you could use these to make your own custom game and utility cartridges.

I believe there are a few PET computers and IEEE-488 disk drives that also use them.

Asking 7$US per unit plus 7$US for shipping to the US, 9$US for Europe, South America and Australia.

Believe it or not, Canada Post charges me 14$ to send the same package from Montreal to shipping in Canada is 13$can. for Ontario - 16$can. for British-Columbia.

Be advised: not all programmers support these chips!

Obviously they are not pin compatible with 27CXXX families of EPROMs. I can program them with my BK Precision 866B, I know the 844USB and the 866C are also compatible. The venerable old Jason-Ranheim Promenade C1 is also compatible.

An adapter is not sufficient to program them on most Chinese programmers since they require a Vpp of 25 volts.

5 units sold to Crazy Dave
5 units sold to mrr19121970
2 units sold to rgrocha
5 units sold to alexjlopez

8 units left!

Added edit:
The EPROMs are also pin compatible with the ROMs used in Commodore made cartridges for the VIC-20 and C64. If you want to create your own custom cart for the VIC or 64, you can cut off the ROM on an unused cartridge and I can burn your own code on a replacement chip for 1$.

Added edit:
VIC-20 character generators use 2332 ROMs, NOT 2364!!
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