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Nov 24, 2007
A caution to AmiBay Members about Profiteering

Unfortunately, we must remind all members of Amibay that 'profiteering; the activity of buying things on Amibay, purely to sell on for profit, is an abhorrent abuse of the community ethic - which is the heart, soul and drive of AmiBay.

It is with a heavy heart that we have discovered a fellow member Desantii (also known as italod on eBay) has been clearly profiteering from the AmiBay community for some time.

Over the last 6 months Desantii's eBay account has traded over $11,000 US worth of Amiga items, a significant amount of which (about a third by his own admission) has been purchased from the AmiBay community. Very little of this was offered back to the AmiBay community, as can be demonstrated by his posts.

This is hard to believe, so you are invited to review this information for yourself by clicking here

Desantii had been using a standard Member account to harvest low cost items to build on and or sell on for excessive personal profit on eBay. As such, once this gross misconduct of his AmiBay account came to light, the staff have had no other recourse but to ban his account.

In short, Desantii was banned for being an undeclared trader.

We want to ensure that our members community trade safety. To this end, we expressly state that if any member deliberately attempts to profit or engage in the activity of profiteering, it will be considered an abuse of thier membership privilege and it will be revoked. Membership of AmiBay is a privilege, not a right.

Any activity that is to the detriment of fellow members or the community ethic, will be dealt with accordingly, as it has been today.

AmiBay is not against traders, we believe that by bringing the two together we can have a strong harmonious community, any member who wants to trade for profit on AmiBay are welcome to a Trader account, with all the rights and privileges that account has to offer.

(please refer to the rules and guildines to see if a Trader account is for you)

AmiBay membership is your privilege; with your help, we can ensure for the future that the community you have helped to build continues to be as wonderful and as community focused as it is today.
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