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Jan 11, 2014
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I debated if it was worth listing this for sale in Amibay because of the tyranny of distance between me...and most of you! Maybe an Aussie member will be interested....

I've been lazy and simply copied my other bay listing.......

"Please read the full description below before you buy, and questions are encouraged.

I am selling this Micronik full tower case which suits the Amiga 4000D mainboard, along with the Elbox Mediator PCI 4000D MKII. This is the perfect extra if you want to tower your Amiga 4000 with huge expansion possibilities, and bring it some more modern PCI addon cards. I am selling it as I really have had no time to renovated it back to what I consider an acceptable condition...and I have now spent stupid money on a brand new Elbox case and Mediator for my A4000!

Please see :

The good:

The Mediator is all but brand new. It has received minimal usage, and is still under warranty from Elbox (receipt pictured and supplied to the buyer). It has worked successfully with a Voodoo 3 2000, Elbox Spider II USB card, PCI Network card, PCI Sound card (I think it was an FM801 based card) and also a Zorro slot Zorram it has worked as advertised with many types of card it supports. It has even worked with a PCI SCSI card, although its not a good solution. Please note near the bottom of my listing what IS being supplied with this sale!

I am including a Voodoo 3 2000 16Mb PCI graphics card. I bought the card from another Amiga enthusiast. He added a cable for what I believe is a monitor switch. The card has received almost no use, as the fan was too tall with all the cards I had installed.

The tower has huge expansion potential, with 6x 5.25" externally accessible bays, it has space for 4 3.5" bays. You could fit all manner of upgrades from CDROM drives, ZIP drives, Floppy/LS120 drives, USB sockets / card readers, front panel audio and even if you love retro - tape backup unit! The chassis is clean and has practically no rust (a tiny tiny amount around the rear screw holes). It is in generally very good condition (with consideration to "the bad" listed below) and is very solid.

The bad:

The tower case was in rough condition when I bought it. I have done some minor restoration work, but have found little time to complete all the required work. It is missing some minor parts.

This case will ONLY suit you if YOU are happy as is. or competent to do further restoration.

The front panel has been painted in white primer, as the original colour is the hideous blue seen inside the front panel. It has had a piece broken off the top corner which has been re-attached. You may wish to sand and fill the cracks from the repair and paint. The door is solid, but the push on - push off latch is broken. I have no panels to fill any of the bays (this surely is a very minor issue and simple to solve). The reset and turbo buttons seem fine, the 3 digit display needs restoration (but I have not tested the segments). A previous owner has fitted 4 LEDs near the power switch, and they work. The power button is there, but you will need to sort the electrical switch.

Whilst I painted the chassis, it isn't my best work (I rushed it). The chassis is mostly complete. It is missing the internal mounting bays for the 3.5, I believe it had 4 bays (2 internal and 2 external). Someone handy with metal or maybe even plastic could solve that quite easily, or simply plug the 2 external bay holes and use a 5.25">3.5" adapter in the 5.25" bays for 3.5" devices. The small hex mounts for the mainboard was missing for the mainboard PCB. I have installed a basic solution, when the A4000 board is installed carefully it is quite secure. You will need to correctly align and fix the rear slots (this again is a very simple process).

The screws on the rear probably need to be improvised, as the holes are minorly enlarged and may not grip standard PC type hex screws.

What is included?

The Chassis as pictured
The front panel and door as pictured
The complete Elbox Mediator PCI 4000D MkII (box, manuals, driver CDROM and receipt for warranty are included) and the Voodoo 3 PCI card.
IF you want the ATX PC power supply I will supply it, along with the adapter cable. I must note I give no warranty with the power supply should you request it. It has served me faithfully (and I would prefer to keep it), but it is at the very least 3 years old and well used.

What is NOT included?

The A4000 mainboard pictured is NOT included. I have shown a photo for illustrative purposes only.
The USB card reader, DVD ROM, ZIP and floppy drive are all NOT included. Again I have shown this to give an idea of how cool this chassis populated can start to look.

So the bottom line, this is a solid chassis, with a hardly used Mediator, that can be used as is with your A4000 mainboard and peripherals. But it would be so much more pleasing to complete the restoration.

Postage / pickup

This unit is very large, and somewhat heavy. Pickup from Parramatta NSW, or I could deliver anywhere in Sydney (or possibly Wollongong/Newcastle areas) subject to flexibility from me and the buyer. Postage or freight is possible. Even though it is sturdy, sufficient packaging to ensure damage free shipping is impractical. However, I am more than willing to consider shipping at cost (maybe someone like Pack&Send would have to be used), or you could arrange a courier. Please message me to discuss options and/or costs."

I am willing to accept $350AUD (a discount from the EB listed price) plus paypal fees and postage (or free pickup)

Just for interest (OK and for a disappointment or a laugh) postage to UK would be almost the same as my asking price @ $340AUD for Express Airmail.


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Jun 29, 2014
a bit late to the party & doubt you still have these for sale. but if you do, lets chat


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