Nov 28, 2010
Hi everyone!

Just stumbled across this great site a couple of weeks ago.. And let me tell you, it's been a tough two weeks, resisting the temptation to buy an amiga again!

Especially this batch of Old New Stock CD32's was really tempting, and when I saw "only two left" I couldn't take it anymore, so I registered to get hold of the last one :)

My first computer was a c64 back in 1990 at age 10. Then I got an a500 in 1991, and I was sold. Soon got an A590 20GB harddrive/ram expansion, a kickstart 2.04 upgrade, a 68010 (!), and more diskdrives to play 12 disc version of Monkey Island 2. Later I had several machines: another a500, a500+, a1200, 2x a2000, cd32, and several a4000s. All of the machines were old news by the time I got them, but they were still great. The a1200 (68030/50) is the one I used the longest, but In retrospect, the coolest one was the second a500. I put it in a micronik tower that had zorro2-, a2000 cpu/video-, and ISA slots. Found an Opal Vision (!) for the videoslot, an 68020 cpu board, and a network card if I recall correctly. Was quite cool for an a500 (around 1997).

Finally I got three a4000's almost for free from a local tv station that stopped using them for texting. They had so many hardware problems, however, that I gave one to an amiga mechanic for making one working machine out of the other two. When this one failed in 2005, I sold all my amiga stuff for next to nothing to a friend.

And here we are. Been a WinUAE user on and off since then. Have been reading about the sweet new cpu-upgrades from the mad scienist J.Schoenfeldt, so I think I need to get an a600, put the 030 and 603 boards in there with a Cf card full of WHDLoad games.

What else?.. I think MAME is really nice as well. Even made a mame cab years ago. I am 30 and come from Norway, but moved to Luxembourg for work (in aviation) in '08.

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