My introduction


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Jan 14, 2024
Seattle Area
Hey y'all. I'm new here. I recently acquired a pair of Amiga 2000HD cases, one with power supply and two floppies. The other with neither. No motherboards in either. So I bought two Floppy209 A2000 motherboards and have started assembling them. One is done, though I haven't been able to get any signs of life out of it yet. And I will be doing the next one here soon. I've got a YouTube channel, not a whole lot of subscribers, and not a whole lot of production quality, but I post some of my work there. Recently posted my A2000 board assembly on there. Ended up kind of long at 45 minutes, but given it was about 30 hours worth of work in that video, I guess I did alright. :)
Anyways, I hope to find and share information with others here.
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