New AmiOracle project - Repair hints and tips


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Nov 24, 2007
Okay people,

Here's your chance to contribute to the AmiBay knowledge base. I have taken a really good idea from Stairway To Hell and I am letting it loose on here, with a twist.

What am I on about? Simple; we want you to post your repair hints and tips in this thread and once it grows big enough, we will break out the repairs by machine type.

What do we need? Well, we need you to post repairs that you have carried out personally to your retro machines. This will eventually enable us to build a 'workshop manual' type repair guide for any retro format of machine - we aren't being manufacturer specific about this, any repair for any format of retro machine is welcomed.

So, if you have repaired the joystick ports on your Playstation 1, got your Amiga A600 working again, saved your Atari 520ST from the bin or resurrected your BBC Model B, let's hear about it.

Right then. The format we need is this:-

Machine Type: Make and model number
Fault: A basic description of the symptoms
Fix: What you did to repair it, with part numbers etc. if required

Now, please keep it simple with the descriptions and we don't want "Xbox 360, blank screen, plugged it in and switched it on :roll: ", we want proper, useful repair information that will help others in the future. Our machines aren't getting any more reliable as they get older and these guides may become invaluable.

Thanks, and it's over to you all for posting!!


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May 10, 2009
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Re: New AmiOracle project - Repair hints and tips

Sega Dreamcast

Diagnosis: random resetting while on

Cure: Open up the system, remove the PSU board and push the 4-pin group towards back of the console, then clean and dry with alcohol.

Cause: Heat builds up and bends the pin groups, messing with the connection and causing voltage spikes
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