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Mar 21, 2012
Hello everyone,

On one hand I'm getting slightly mad lattely ;) and on the other I would like to make Amibay, if it's even possible, a better community place. Because of the above I'm making a summer contest with 7 questions concerning First World War - "The War that will ends all wars". However as we know it - it didn't.
The first that will answer correctly a mere 7 questions will win the main and unfortunately
only humble price - One brand new digital copy of the FPS game on Steam :) - Vedrun 1914-1918.
The contest begins right after posting the thread with the questions and will end August 5th at 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT).
Depending on the number of contestants please leave me enough time to check your answers. After this the winner will be glorified on the threads' hall of fame and his reward will be send as a gift using the one of two available methods on the Steam platform. The winner will also receive a unique in it's kind medal "pour le merite" made out of a fried slice of potato... No that was only a joke :)
Please send answers to my PM box as well as to johnim one. Please send the same PM to both of us. No need to send separate ones - it will be easier for johnim and me to check PM reception time. Of course me as well as Amibay staff cannot take part in this contest (in my case it wouldn't make any sense ;) :) ).
Here's the questions:

Question 1:
When started the First World War? (dd/mm/yy)

Question 2:
How was also called the First World War?

Question 3:
What was the main official cause of the beginning of the First World War? (Please don't describe geopolitical and economical causes ;) )

Question 4:
When the battle of Verdun started and ended? (dd/mm/yy)

Question 5:
By what army and on what battle the first tanks were used?

Question 6:
When the armistice was signed that formally ended all hostilities on First World War fronts? (dd/mm/yy)

Question 7:
What's the name of the game in the realms of the First World War developed by a German company known for a series of turned based strategy games (it was also available on Amiga)?

Thank You for your participation and Good Luck to you all,
diskers (y)

!!!! Important Notice !!!!

The competition is extended until tomorrow 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT)

!!!! Important Notice !!!!


!!!! The Competition has ended !!!!

Unfortunetly no one took part on it

Mods please close the thread
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