Olivetti Prodest PC1 Dual Disk Drive + Joystick

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Apr 6, 2011
The Netherlands
For Sale,

Olivetti Prodest PC1 in very good looking condition. Inclusive dos boot disks and {Special Joystick > (Not in good looking condition)}.

Olivetti Prodest PC1 (Top).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 (Right).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 (Left).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 (Front).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 (Back).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 Joystick (1).jpgOlivetti Prodest PC1 Joystick (2).jpg

Device boots, but i'm not able to check Picture because i don't have a Display cable.

  • System unit contains motherboard, keyboard, power supply and 2 floppy drives.
  • 512k RAM.
  • CPU: NEC V40 (80188-compatible).
  • Two floppy drives.
  • XT-style keyboard (82 keys).
  • Integrated CGA-compatible video. Allegedly can output to TV or Monitor.


  • Video 1: 8-pin DIN; can output to a TV or a composite monitor.
  • Video 2: 9-pin D (same pinout as CGA/EGA)
  • Mouse: 9-pin D. This looks like a serial port, but isn't — it's for a quadrature mouse (or a joystick); similar to the PC1512 mouse, but with a different pinout.
  • Serial: 25-pin D. It doesn't use the standard pinout.
  • Parallel: 25-pin D.
  • Audio: 3.5mm jack.
  • Reset button.

On YouTube there is a Video of someone who mounted a CF HDD inside and runned Monkey Island. I'm not sure if this model supports CF.

Asking €150,- euros, without shipping.
Paypal and Wire Transfer accepted.
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