Oric Projects (c.1986)


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Nov 2, 2008
My folks were clearing out the junk and found some old snaps - this little gem amongst them. OK, It's a little late to post the project, but in my defence the Internet hadn't even been invented when I was hacking a 6581 SID chip into my Oric Atmos!

The project was successful (after the untimely demise of only one SID chip, I'm sure I learnt more about antistatic precautions in that single heartstopping moment than any amount of lectures as it cost several weeks' wages...). One careless touch and ZAP! The chip worked, but I'd blown the output stage. Once its replacement was installed, my Atmos could sing with glorious ADSR, independent oscillators and filtering with the best of them (or at least my mate's C64).

I had great plans to interface to a "real" musical keyboard, although as it was only a digital keypress type it would have never been a grown-up synthesiser. Never happened of course, as once I'd worked out how to program SID the project stalled due to exams (and the delights of a new girlfriend).

Other junk present on my desk includes a 3" floppy drive (which I've posted on Amibay that I'm still looking to replace) and a bunch of other chips ready for other projects. The floppy drive is naked - a common state for most of the hardware in my "den" that continues to this day!:)

I can't remember what all of the chips in that box were, but the small ones were ceramic packaged RAM chips that I installed into the Oric's memory as a simple camera. Really simple -hack the lid off the package and focus light on the chip. It did work - as the chip was installed in the LSB position I could flip the screen memory from ascii 32 (space) to ascii 33 ("!") before I overwrote something important and it crashed. Not very useful, but it proved the point.

So there you have it, some projects from the days long before "plug and play"

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