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Oct 24, 2012
A Coruna
I'm selling one of my PC9821 machines

This is a notebook, PC98 note series Ne3

As this is a japanese computer, it's power brick needs 100/110 v to work. I have original battery, but since it's NiCD and it doesn't hold any charge, I have outside the computer, to avoid continous charging and a bit less of weight. This battery will be included if you want it.

15mb of ram, 486dx 50mhz, fdd 3.5 working ok, IDE disc replaced by compact flash 4GB card with adapter, and it has 4 512mb partitions (original harddisk with msdos 3.0 japanese also included, if you want to try it :) ) 2 pcmcia slots, and back connector for external monitor (din-rgb) parallel, serial (slim connectors, not standard ones) and tenkey and mouse din connectors (I guess they aren't ps2 compatible...)

Keyboard is gorgeus to type on, as also has full size cursors instead of slim ones or odly shaped pc98 classic cursors (you know the ones with small left/right and wide up/down)

First HD partition has a very well known pc98 distribution with tools and games. It's very easy to quit CF and connect to a pc/mac to add/modify content (or use 3.5 disks but that would be tedious)

Mouse trackball works (buttons and movement) but horizontal movement is somehow slippery, doesn't know if it's because the ball is dirty or it not big enough, if you remove the ball and test it with your fingers moving the x/y wheels it works perfect, as most of the content tested doesn't use a mouse i didn't give it any solution

Screen LCD look very nice at color and pixel quality, but, this is important, althought i've purchased it with perfect screen condition (and have choosen this laptob because of the good looking screen) as months passed by the LCD screen shows some points and two lines on the front layer and some wear on sides (not the pixels, as you can see in the images they look nice). I guess it's the type of LCD from the time, because i've seen this kind of wear in a lot of laptops of those years...

And lastly, this model doesn't have a sound card, so it's a silent machine, as I've discovered when it arrived from japan :-(

I don't know if you can use a pcmcia sound card, but didn't tried searching for, as i've have other pc98 machines...

150 euros plus shipping and paypal fees if not using F&F

Any question, feel free to ask :)

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