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May 30, 2010
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Hey guys

Don't need this no more, never gets used now. It comes with the latest 5.50 GEN-D3 firmware (think its latest) It does have two dead pixals but these are only seen on Black backgrounds, otherwise you don't see them. It comes with a memory stick duo that takes SD cards which includes SD HC. The SD card thats comes with it is 8gig. The battery is a pandora battery, what this means is is you can't turn it on with the battery, you have to turn on from powerpack, then fit the battery so you can then remove the powerpack and play as normal from the battery. Reason I never bought a normal battery is because this battery lasts 2-3 hours which is pretty good. But if you wanted to buy a normal battery these are cheap enough. It also comes with one of these:

This allows you to play and charge away from home as it has batteries in the back to charge the PSP battery ( 4 AAA's not included). It also has two large speakers which makes the PSP louder once it is docked. It comes with all leads and the original headset lead to adjust volume/play/pause from the headset lead. Comes pre installed with the latest pops to allow psx games to load. It also comes with its original box which is a bit tatty around the edges. My camera battery just died so can't add more pictures just yet. Only this one:

Looking for £80 which will include postage. This only applies to the UK (postage included that is) everywhere else would need to add postage on top of the £80.

Or will do a straight swap for an A1200 accelerator.


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Sorry I changed the price, I had it up for to much I was thinking of something else. Price edited in main thread.

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