Possible to dump a Gameboy cart using my set up ?


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Nov 25, 2009
Hi, I've got this old 1990's original black n white gameboy pirate 8-in-1 cart which for me is very nostalgic because I had it when I was a kid and I was looking for it for years online and managed about 2 years ago to find one.

For nostalgia and backup reasons i'd like to dump the rom onto my PC as I cant find this rom anywhere and i'd hate for the cart to go bad one day.

I've got a Visoly Flash Advance Linker kit for the GBA but with its software I can only program the original flash cartridge it came with. I cannot read normal cartridges at all. And its software is super finicky as in it won't run on anything more than XP etc.. etc..

The only software I can run properly is its own software but like I said I can't read normal carts.

Another option is if its possible to use some sort of homebrew software (does it even exist ? ) for the Gamecube + Gameboy player (I have one) and be able to dump the rom like that ?

If those are a no go, does anyone have experience dumping a gameboy rom ?
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