Private messages sitting in outbox for too long

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Feb 15, 2008
Noticed when sending personal messages they sit in the outbox for around 15 minutes before appearing in the sent folder.

This could be the difference between buying something or missing out.


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Nov 22, 2007
Re: Private messages sitting in outbox for too long

heys THB

the waiting to post, means that the person has not logged in to collect them yet, all PMs are sent / received in TIME order, but this is second to posting interest in the Thread of the sale / offer.

If some one posts an interest in the thread first then that is how transaction should take place. This way it keeps AmiBay transparent and none of the finger pointing and claiming they sent PM first. etc etc.

so as long as you state your interest in the thread for an item or items, you will be in line for those items. the PM system exists to help facilitate important details like address / money etc.

AmiBay rules said:
Buyers conduct : How to purchase items on AmiBay
  • Bidding on an item
    According to AmiBay rules sellers must state the exact price they want for each item they are selling. Therefore if you wish to purchase an item you must also agree to buy the item at the price the seller has asked for. This is not an auction site, so bidding is not allowed and unless stated prices are non negotiable.[/*:m:3m7d5ks0]
  • No silent bidding
    You must post your purchase bid in the sellers original topic, clearly stating that you agree to pay the asking price for an item. Purchase bids by PM are not valid and against AmiBay rules.[/*:m:3m7d5ks0]
  • Do not make offers once another member has posted
    If another member has already posted, stating they wish to buy the item, then they have beaten you to the sale. If the seller agrees to that member's offer then they have won the item on a first come, first served basis and you have missed it.[/*:m:3m7d5ks0]
  • Being next in line for an item
    If you want to buy an item, but another member has already beat you to it and posted that they would like the item, then you can still make yourself next in line by posting, stating that you would like the item if the current buyer falls through. You will then have the opportunity to purchase the item as the next in line if the sale between he current buyer and the seller falls though.[/*:m:3m7d5ks0]
  • Make sure you can afford an item before posting
    This may sound silly, but please make sure you have sufficient funds before putting in an offer to purchase an item. If you try to buy an item and cannot afford it then AmiBay may take action for time wasting and site disruption.[/*:m:3m7d5ks0]

Hope that helps my friend :)
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