Quick Guide to installing/setting up Telser (modem simulator) with MiamiDX


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Nov 28, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
Recently decided I wanted to start connecting to BBSs again, but as you know most of them are now Telnet only.

There are a couple Telnet modem simulators available, one of the more popular being Telser.

Telser package

Keyfile provided from the author The key file can be dropped into the S folder.

Sadly when you go to install Telser, MiamiDX is not one of the supported TCP/IP packages. Besides AmiTCP, most of the other ones are older communications packages like AS225 R2, I-Net 225 and Multilink. Besides AmiTCP, its a bunch of stuff no one uses anymore.

Well, this won't do. If you attempt to install Telser, it prompts for an installation of AmiTCP and complains that it can't find it. Well, yeah, in this case it isn't installed.

However, it can be installed by simply creating a folder and pointing an assign at it. You can probably use about any folder, but I just created a new one on the root of the DH0 and pointed an assign at it. The assign was added to the bottom of the User-Startup file. I rebooted after this and restarted the Telser install.

Now when running Telser select AmiTCP from the list of communications packages and hit proceed. It will come up prompting if you want to install some other Telser related items. Hit Proceed a couple more times and thats it! It will create a few folders and files inside our AmiTCP folder that we created and add telser.device to the Devs folder. Also adds TelserMon to WBStartup.

Might want to restart at this point. Connect via MiamiDX to your internet provider. Now you can go into your Terminal package and change the serial device from serial.device to telser.device. Save your options/settings.

You should be able to connect to a bbs via Telnet now. Instead of using their telephone number, use their host name.

For example in NComm, you can just type "atdt bbs.amiexpress.co.uk" (of course minus the ") and it should connect you to the Extradition BBS. And of course in the phonebook you add an entry for them substituting their hostname for the telephone number.

I use NComm and this works great. I have also tested it with Term and seems to work just as well.

Course if you use a correctly installed AmiTCP the install will work straight away.

I haven't tested incoming Telnet connections yet. But I reckon they will work as well.

Hopefully this little guide is straightforward enough.

I have included some photos below of the process.


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