Replacement internal floppy drive fits A500 with 16mm standoffs...


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Oct 2, 2010
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I picked up a new internal floppy from Amigakit at Amiwest. They have it listed on their site for A600/A1200:

This drive can be fitted inside an A500 with some minor adjustments. Replace the two stock standoffs on the bottom of your old drive with a pair that are 16mm or 5/8" high. This will seat the drive in the correct position and allow proper alignment with the slot on the outer case.

Next, if you're lucky you already have the short metal riser from your old drive to support the front end of the new drive at the correct height. If not, find a plastic spacer 6mm or 1/4" high to place between the front footer of the case and the new drive.

The keyboard grounding screw should slide up and down and can be tightened at the proper height for the new drive. That's it for raising the new drive to right height.

The eject button is a different story and must be modified by whatever means you have available. This drive comes with a button rigged for the A600/A1200 case, but the button hole on the A500 is somewhat farther to the right. I used a scrap aluminum right angle and some eyeglasses screws to firmly affix a new button onto the drive. Drive is performing well so far after 5 days of heavy usage. It's not A+ quality but a still a great replacement for an old failed drive.

Check out amigamaniac's new PC floppy adapter also, it's really compact and should allow most any drive to work. 16mm standoffs are probably a good bet for lots of drives out there. Keep your original hardware kicking! Here's a pic of the drive in place, signed by Carl Sassenrath and Dale Luck to boot:
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