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Feb 14, 2013
This is also on eBay and I've copy/pasted the description below. This may be priced on the high side but it is a completely sorted solution for someone wanting period-correct DOS/Win98 gaming :whistle:

£175 plus postage, Paypal gift or fees paid please.

This is a custom-built, period-accurate desktop PC that's ideal for playing any DOS or early Windows games. I built this earlier this year and intended to keep it for personal use, but as I have a similarly specced machine this one has been a bit redundant, apart from providing a nice stand for my monitor!

No expense has been spared in building this machine and it contains some of the most highly-regarded parts amongst retro PC gaming enthusiasts. On the video side, there is an S3 Virge-based 2D video card (giving the highest compatibility with DOS games) paired with an 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics 3D accelerator, ideal for early 3D-accelerated games such as Quake and Quake 2, Tomb Raider, Star Wars Jedi Knight and MechWarrior 2.

This machine is also very highly specced for sound and music, with an ISA bus Creative AWE32 card providing 100% compatibility with DOS games and Advanced Wave Effects music. A secondary Yamaha ISA card acts as a MIDI interface and is connected to a NEC XR385 wavetable daughterboard. The XR385 is a clone of the famous Yamaha DB50XG, providing excellent music in the many DOS games that support General Midi soundtracks.

Other components include a high-quality Seasonic power supply, ample 64MB memory and a period-correct Maxtor 7200rpm hard drive. The CD-ROM drive is a NEC 4x unit, chosen for quiet operation. There is a PS/2 mouse port and four fully-functional USB 2.0 sockets, allowing easy file transfer with USB sticks. There is a network card with a modern RJ-45 socket and a free ISA slot for further expansion.

In short, every part of this system has been carefully considered to provide the best and most trouble-free experience when playing DOS and Windows games up to around 1998. Some of the parts such as the case, AWE32 and XR385 are not easy to come by on eBay or elsewhere.

This machine has a full install of Windows 98 Second Edition with a boot menu to choose between Windows or several different DOS memory configurations. All drivers and hardware have been preinstalled and configured and are working 100%.

If you would like to see the machine being built, please look here:

The full spec is as follows:

Desktop AT case with sleep & turbo buttons - 1x3.5" and 3x5.25" drive bays
Seasonic SS-300FS ATX power supply with ATX->AT adaptor

Totem TM-586IV2 Socket 7 motherboard. Intel VX chipset, latest BIOS, new battery
Pentium 233MMX CPU, new fan
64MB SDRAM (2x32MB sticks)
AT keyboard socket and AT->PS/2 adaptor
PS/2 mouse socket

1 x 9-pin serial port, printer port
4 x USB 2.0 sockets

Maxtor Diamond Plus 13GB 7200rpm hard drive
NEC 4x CD-ROM drive
3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive

STB Nitro 3D 4MB - S3 Virge GX
Orchid Righteous 3D 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics with passthrough cable
Creative AWE32 Value CT3780
Yamaha YMF718 & NEC XR385 wavetable daughterboard - connected to line-in of AWE32
3Com Etherlink III 3C509 (10Base-T)
Belkin 4-port USB 2.0 card (NEC chipset)

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