Closed SEGA Mark III & RGB Mod, Paddle Controller, Games & More!

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Apr 27, 2013
SEGA Mark III Console with RGB Mod, RGB SCART Lead (& Phono Breakout), Rapid Fire Adaptor, Paddle Controller and Games

This is a loose SEGA Mark III console. It is missing the cart slot flap and the FM port flap on the front (though a peice of plexi has been slotted in place which you can always replace). The console is clean though has a small amount of yellowing due to age.

Comes complete with 2 controllers (with joystick nubbins), 3 games: Star Jacker, Alex Kidd and Baseball, an RGB SCART cable with Phono breakout, a SEGA Mark III Rapid Fire adaptor and a very rare, boxed Paddle Controller. Everything is fully working 100% and tested. This is a very rare combination in that the console is RGB modified (which is rather complicated to do for this console) and has the boxed paddle controller.

Asking €230 shipped tracked and insured to the UK/EIRE. €240 shipped to the EU Union. Outside the EU and RoW please ask.






This item weighs 1.25kg according to my SAGA digital postal scales. I will only ship this item signed, tracked and insured. Recently people have been claiming items haven't arrived if I've sent them by cheaper, normal post. I then end up losing out in the PayPal claim and have lost both the item for sale and the monies involved. I won't send by normal post any more due to this scam a small minority appear to be playing (on eBay). Especially so for items of significant value, sorry. I am sure though you would rather your item arrive safe and sound than risk it anyway. I know I would.

If you don't see your country listed for shipping to, please ask and I will do my best to get you a quote. Thank you.
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