Shapeshifter help please!


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Feb 13, 2009
Kent, UK
I've posted this over at EAB, figured I'd cast the net wider!


As title. I'm stuck installing this emulator.

My setup is: A1200, blizzard 1230 mark IV with 16mb ram, slimline cd rom installed inside desktop case, CF HDD projecting from rear so can easily swap drives.

Now, I have installed 3.1, and have gathered together all the files to install shapeshifter but when I enter the prepareemul 1200 switch in the startup sequence and install prepareemul, it all goes tits up. Running shapeshifter, having put the ROM image in the directory and renamed it, I get an error saying prepareemul is not installed, when clearly it is. Oh, forgot to mention, when I ran the prepareemul installer, my 16 mb fAst ram dissappears, forcing a reboot which then leads to the computer thinking prepareemul is not installed.

Any ideas? I'm going to prep another cf card with 3.1 and have that as a dedicated drive to this, I don't want to balls my main system. Can anyone hold my hand through getting this working?

Also, I know I need more ram to make this worthwhile, anyone gave 64mb SIMM going spare?
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