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Nov 22, 2014
Hi all,

This is what I have for sale,

I can take pictures of any of the items and unless mentionned, I can sell one or several items at once.

Do not hesitate for any questions!I will ship from France so keep this mind regarding the shipping fee.

Prices indicated in euros

Games for the 1st original xbox

Japanese games
Shikigami no Shiro RED (sunfaded on the side): 10
Shikigami no Shiro 2 (regular version, not the limited edition): 20
Ninja Gaiden "normal" (a bit dirty..I can join it for free with any other game)

Pal games
Myst III: 5
Halo CE (the box is US version): 5
Moto GP 2: 5

A gamespot xbox controller S..very same feeling as original controller S: 15

Game for the PS3 (all download codes joined with the game have been used)
Dead or Alive 5 limited edition (with the OST and an art book), it is not DoA 5 Ultimate, the box is a bit torn down. Pal version: 25

Gameboy Advance and Gamecube

japanese games:
Captain Tsubasa: 10

gameboy "package"
All together only (all games are loose if not mentionned otherwise):
the gameboy player with its disc, orange color--an orange GBA 1st model--some empty gba-shaped boxed for storage
Dragon Ball Advance (EU)-Captain Tsubasa (JAP)-original Metroid (JAP)-Kunio Collection boxed (JAP)-Metroid Fusion (EU)-Lost Vikings (US)-Sonic Advance 2 (US)-Mario Bro 3 (US)-Mario Bros 2 (EU)- Mario Bros world (EU): 200

Famicom Games
Dragon Ball Adventure in loose: 7
Captain Tsubasa II (boxed): 10

3do games
shockwave 2 (front and back cover missing), I used the manual:10
Virtua Cameraman 3 (jap): 50

All together only

Samurai Showdown and Super Street Fighter II X (complete, in japanese) with the 3do arcade stick boxed (boxed in decent condition): 120

Thanks for looking!
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