Sometimes "Better" is the enemy of "Good"!


Oct 1, 2010
I love Individual Computers, I think Jens does a fantastic job at keeping my hobby alive and I am forever thankful for what he does...and this mini-rant is directed not specifically at him or his company but it's the clearest example I can think of right now. What's on my mind lately is that sometimes older things just worked and I love what they do and I don't necessarily want a new and sexy design, I just want the old design, but now it's become rare and worth its weight in gold! For example, an Indi AGA Mk1. I don't want/need a Mk2. I have RTG taken care of. I just want a good and reliable sd/ff for AGA screen modes! I don't want all this extra configurability that in practice does more harm than good! :)

I've felt this way about many other Amiga aspects in the past but this is the one that comes to mind right now. Anyway, done with my rant. :)
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