Sony DTL T15000 A dev hardware p2 develepment tools

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Jul 22, 2013
On selling this very rare computer console Sony DTL T15000 A. If i understand well reading on internet some text he should play pal and ntsc games. Maybe even cd-r. I branch this dev station to tv but have no pictures. Then i plug in the monitor and i have a pictures. (On this dev kit there is 2 vga port. I i have i pictures on second one that was hides with some peace of metal (lik is never been used), under this peace of metal there is also ps2 port for keyboard and mouse. I turn the machine and i got the pictures on monitor. I have a recoreded video like proof that this thing work. It don't what is inside but maybe there is hardvare ps2 and some intel celeron cpu, 40gb hdd with some sort of linux (i am not too familiar with linux). I doesn't boot at the end until i add another ehternet cable to to other lan ethernet port (i think that is must be connected with all cable). I don't now how to use this machine. The case in front is litlle bit broken and one side of the stand (like ps2 stand) you can see on pictures. Some scratch on some place. Looking in the hole through the fan it's look like new inside. The cmos batery need to be change. If any question please feel to ask in english, french or serbian language. My price for rar tool is 700euro plus 150-250e for shipping (i will explain why later). You can pay by paypal. Since i live in Serbia is prety difficult to send stuff outside the Serbia. So if you live in Europe (not uk because i need the visa) i can delivery with my car to you home up to 1500km from my place (250e) or i can send it from Vienna for 150e (the price to going to Vienna a send from there post office, i need 100e for gasoline and i asume that will not cost more than 50e). I can also deliver by myself, to a more distance country in Europe if you want pay the gasoline. Also i can send it anywhere in the world from Vienna (Austria) but i don't know the excat price for the rest of the world. Also there is one other option you come to Serbia (Belgrade by plane for example), i will pick you up and be a guest in my home for example one or 2 days (i can show you my country also) and brinck this console back with you (you will have to pay taxe and other customs on your charge). I know that i look complicated but this is the only way. For any documentation you will need to search the internet, software developer. Contact me and i will send more pictures and video.


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