Closed Splitfish Dual SFX Frag Pro Wireless Controller PS3/PC

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Apr 19, 2010
the Netherlands
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Item has been used, once ^^
I can not get used to this, so i'm selling it again.


The item comes with the original box, everything is as good as new.
What is inside the package:
- Frag Dual SFX Pro Wireless Mouse
- Frag Dual SFX Pro Wireless Nun-Chuck
- Frag Dual SFX Pro Wireless Bluetooth Dongle
- Frag Dual SFX Pro Mousepad

Batteries were not included, rechargeable batteries can be used and charged on itself, or charged directly with the USB cable your ps3 came with (the same one you use to charge your normal controller, this is not included although it shows on the picture where i forgot to put it aside, but you already have one anyway, it was not included in the original package either when i got it new), this goes for both the Mouse and the Fragchuck.

compitable with Sony Playstation 3 and PC.
This item works like a charm, if you can get used to it (aka if you are used to playing with a mouse, which i am obviously not). It takes some setting up, firmware of all items is updateable and configurable. This is a marvelous piece of kit, for FPS shooters like MW2, BC2 etc.

65 euro's, ex shipping. I will ship worldwide, payment by paypal for both our safety. Item is also listed on ebay and a local sales site.
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