Sold SX32 MK I + CD32 config

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Feb 28, 2009
Vesoul, France
1 CD32 + 1 original CD32 contrôler + 1 scart cable + PSU ref. 313 375-03 (black PSU CD32 with C= logo) + few CD32 games

CD32 made in January 1994, Serial Number GR 8510394365158001113488

Notes :
* minidin 4 pins S-VHS (personally i use RCA cable yellow / red/ white to connect this CD32 with my SmartTV LG),
* CD32 works perfect but previous owner try to paste the left part of the hood (see picture # 5) : the hood didn't stay in high position when opened ! So you must open and maintain the hood by hand to insert games.
* no CD32 original box, no CD32 original notice ;(
* c811/c804/c821 caps checked (good way) !

Original CD32 games (5 CDRoms CD32 ) :

Gunship 2000 CD32

Nigell Mansell’s World Championship CD32

Oscar / Diggers CD32

Premiere Game two CD32

Worms CD32

cd32_000.jpg cd32_001.jpg cd32_002.jpg
cd32_003.jpg cd32_004.jpg

cd32_condo_c821.jpg cd32_condos_c811_c804.jpg

SX32 MKI (with 410 Mb Seagate ST9420AG hardisk and 8 Mb of fastram)

(attention ! SX32 without original box, bill, notice or disks)

SX32 is in 2 parts (rear ports and SX32) and plugs in the rear of the CD32.

I'll add pictures of SX32 in few minutes...
DSC00843.jpg DSC00849.jpg DSC00879.jpg
The workbench installed is in german (easily setup in english, french, etc.. with classic workbench disks) and the startup-sequence/user-startup is full of assign for games (SPIELE: partition) and utility/videos programs.

545 € without packaging & shipping

Shipping via french post (Colissimo international), "Mondial relay" option also available for France and Belgium or other companies like Fedex/UPS. Payment via banktranfert or paypal.

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