Closed Terrible Fire 1230 - Full 68030 50 MHz CPU and 128 MB of Fast RAM + Original 3.x Patched ROMs

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Dec 12, 2017
Hi there!
since I'm not using it I've decided to sell one of my 68030 cards. I already own a Blizzard 1230 MKIV and an ACA1233 so I barely used this card having already 2 A1200 with 030 CPUs.

This is the "top" version of the card with a Full 68030 50 MHz CPU and 128 MB of Fast RAM on board. It comes with a pair of 3.x Original ROMs (never registered on Cloanto website 'cause I already own another copy) that allows booting the OS from the IDE connector on the board. Original packaging (box and manual) is also included.

The card has been tested and works flawlessly.

For those who still don't know that, keep in mind that this kind of cards aren't seen by the Early Menu Startup and sysinfo as well doesn't show any autoconfig board but you can see in the pictures that both, CPU and RAM are detected by the software. In order to see the extra RAM without using the addmem software command you need at least 3.1 ROMs or higher.

Here the pictures:


What you see in the pictures is what you'll receive.
My request is 160 euros (plus P&P, payment as paypal gift).

Shipping to Italy should be about 9 euros and shipping within Europe should be about 18 euros (I'll give you the actual quote once I have your shipping address).
Shipping is always tracked and signed for.

Payment by paypal as gift or by Bank Transfer (IBAN)

The item is also for sale elsewhere.
Thanks for reading!

Edit: Sold elsewhere, this thread can be closed, thanks mods. :)
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