The Second Annual Festive Amiga Game Making Competition


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Dec 26, 2008
Seasons Greetings! In the spirit of Christmas, and due to the previous year's success we are hosting the Second Annual Festive Amiga Game Making Competition!

This year the competition is very much the same as it was last year, except you now have three full weeks to work on your game rather than two. Remember we had seven playable entries made within the time limit last year, so don't doubt yourselves about being able to get something basic produced before Christmas, you can do it! I believe in you!

Last year we had some prizes on offer, but unfortunately I have nothing left to offer as prizes to the winners of this year's competition. Regrettably I also had trouble trying to save enough money to have the certificates printed and send the prizes out, so I'd rather not promise awards this time around unless anyone else is willing to help by donating Amiga-related hardware, software or money to help pay for the postage of the prizes.

Nevertheless, I think there is more fun to be had making games for the Amiga than winning prizes, so I really hope you will consider giving it a go. It's rewarding to see people enjoying the work you've put into something, helping out and making people happy are in the spirit of the season too!

The rules are pretty easy going:

1. You have until December 24th to finish your entry, that gives you a full three weeks from the starting date. If your game isn't finished by Christmas Eve, upload what you have finished so far anyway, just try to make sure it's playable.
2. Your game must run on a classic OCS or AGA Amiga. This way, anyone should be able to play all the games, either on their old hardware or through UAE. Unfortunately OS4, Aros and MorphOS specific entries at this stage wouldn't reach enough people and couldn't compete for votes.
3. You can create your game with any software you like. This includes programming it yourself too. If you have no coding knowledge, feel free to use any of the available game making software such as Backbone, SEUCK, GRAC, GRAAL, Reality, Game Engine, or anything else you can find.
4. Your game must be themed around Christmas or the festive season. It doesn't necessarily have to contain religious references, but it must be identifiable. Try to make something you or a child you know would enjoy playing during the holidays.

That's all there is to it, hopefully the rules are lenient enough for anyone to be able to contribute. I will post further details about where the games should be uploaded, and if there will be any prizes this year once I have more information, hopefully we'll build this into something worthwhile over the next few weeks.

I hope everyone has a happy festive season and that we get some fabulous new Amiga games to play again this year.

For more information about the previous year's competition and links to the games that were made, check out the Amiga Christmas Tree website. At the moment it's still last year's site, but I will start working on one for this year soon and have a link to the two previous years from there.

There is no need to learn a new programming language. Here is a post from Rebel from last year's competition:

You don't need to have any programming knowledge to make decent games on an Amiga. Here are some useful links to help people get started:

Backbone - Easily build your own platform games and overhead multi-directional shooters.

The full Backbone game making package -
Final update for Backbone -
Free keyfile to unlock all Backbone's features -

GRaphic Adventure Creator and GRaphic Adventure Authoring Language - Create your own Point & Click Adventure games.

Full GRAC 2 package -
Extras for GRAC 2 -
Intro creator for GRAC 2 -
GRAAL 2.3 A -
GRAAL 2.3 B -
GRAAL 2.3 C -
GRAAL 2.3 D -

3D Game Creator - Create your own three dimensional game worlds.

3D Game Creator -

Some nice Christmas sprites to rip and use in your platform or horizontal shooter -
Some Christmas mod music to use in your game -

First prize in the Second Annual Festive Amiga Games Competition includes an Amiga 600 personal computer!

This A600 is kindly donated by JJ, and postage costs are being covered by Franko. Thanks guys!

Remember everyone, you're welcome to work in a team! If you're good at coding but aren't feeling creative, or if you've got some good ideas or creative talent don't be afraid to team up with someone. If you end up winning prizes, you'll have to work out who gets what between yourselves though I'll try to get certificates printed for everyone involved though.

Also, if anyone is a member of an Amiga forum where I haven't posted about this competition yet, please feel free to quote or replicate my first post or link back to this forum. We want to involve the whole international Amiga community, not just the English-speaking part of it!

Thanks everyone, and good luck!


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Jan 23, 2008
This looks like it could be fun, I have the square root of zero programming knowledge or ability so I may check out those utilities. :)


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Apr 2, 2010
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I might give it a shot, but I'll likely get bogged down in just playing around with Amiga programming rather than make any real progress on a game ;)
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