Vampire A600 /WHDLOAD help please.


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Mar 2, 2010
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I have an A600, havent ever got to grips with amigas so what I'm about to bleat about could well include masses of user error..

Ive also got a vampire, unused since i bought it from kipper2k, and recently got a replacement A600 that the vampire seems to finally fit onto, solidly.

however! though the amiga now boots and the vampire runs - running a mips/speedtest tool on the cf seems to show its working- but all games i run under whdload crash- either the a600 freezes after a second or two, or gurumeditation errors.(i shall have to check if thats what i get).

help, how to get this working?

i have a 1 mb chip ram board, ide adaptor>4gb cf, and classic workbench, updated KS (ie so could use IDE>CF), otherwise standard a600.

is this a core issue? how can i tell what core i have? does anyone else have a vampire working perfectly in an A600 with 1mb chip expansion? have I missed some kind of config or setup? please help?

cheers, Iain
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