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Sep 2, 2012
Hi, I'm looking for the following VIC 20 carts, with box in at least good condition.
I prefer to buy more games from the same seller to keep shipping costs down, but that's not mandatory.
For some games I need the box only, but I know that's not common to have a spare box with no game, so I could take the full game.

I may have a few spares for trade - if interested I will look in my basement and sort out the spares box.

BNH = Box with no hole on front, game image printed on the box
BWH = Box with hole on front, instructions must have with full picture on front and back (like a small poster)

1901 Avenger, BNH - box + instructions
1902 Star Battle, BNH - box only
1909 Midnight Drive (NOT Road Race), BNH/BWH - full game
1925 Money Wars, BNH - full game
1926 Menagerie, BNH - box only
1927 Cosmic Jailbreak, BNH - full game
1930 Visible Solar System, BNH - box + instructions
1932 Garden Wars, BNH - full game
1935 Commodore Artist, BNH/BWH - box + instructions
1938 Tooth Invaders, BNH - box + instructions
1939 Star Post, BNH - full game

Then I'm looking for all the games that have the "cover" instructions as a small poster, except Jelly Monsters, Super Lander and Road Race.
For these games I could take the full game or the instructions only.
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