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Dec 13, 2023
Hello there!

Not sure if this is alright place to try sell these Vintage Stax electrostatic headphones for a new home, but lets try.

I don't know anything about these headphones history other than that I have bought these from two different German sellers.

The first seller sold me Stax SR-5 headphones and SRD-6 energizer and the another one sold me Stax SR-5 Gold headphones.

That one who sold me those SR-5 Gold didn't mention anything about that those headphones works only in very low volume. As you start increasing the volume, the sound start making weird cracking and popping sound. So I would say these headphones are good only for spare parts.

The normal version of SR-5 headphones are working great without issues and so is the SRD-6 energizer, thought I haven't tested these for a such long time.

If you read some reviews on other websites, someones thinks that the normal SR-5 sound better than the SR-5 Gold headphones in terms of better bass response.

You need to connect the SRD-6 energizer to a stereo amplifier to two different channels/outputs (there's total of 4 cables, 2 cables per channel). The stereo amplifier should output at least 5-10 W per channel. If you have a USB DAC. you can connect that between computer and the SRD-6 energizer, so you can listen these headphones with your computer.

Please note that I'm trying to sell these headphones in such many different Finnish websites, although without luck as there isn't many vintage headphone hobbyists.

Price: 250 €
Shipping: Included in the price within Europe/UK
Location: Salo, Finland
My seller/buyer feedbacks in other website:
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