Visidec LCD Monitor Stand.

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Aug 2, 2010
Exeter, Devon
Continuing my selling frenzy I have one of these for sale: Visidec LCD Monitor stand.

Mine has a Black base, not silver. It appears Visidec no longer make these? I bought mine to go with a Dell 1703FP monitor a few years back. It standard VESA mountings.

I have now bought a Monitor/TV combo so I can plug an Amiga 500 in direct instead of through a pc tv card. So the Visidec is not really needed anymore. It is in very good condition and I may still have the original box for it.

Looking for £45 + courier delivery.

I will get some pictures up before the weekend :)

EDIT: Admins, can you please move this thread, stupidly put it in the wrong place. Should be in the Hardware section.
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