WHDLoad suddenly broken


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Apr 17, 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia
Hi there guys. So I'm having a problem with WHDLoad. The setup I am running on is as follows:

A4000D in Mirage 4000 Pro tower w/ 2MB ChipRAM
CyberStormPPC 060-50/604e-200 with 128MB FastRAM
256MB ZorRAM
Elbox FastATA4000 with 80GB Hard disk
2GB System hard disk and CD-RW on onboard IDE controller
Deneb USB
X-Surf 3cc using the Genesis stack
Delfina flipper on X-Surf clockport #1
OS 3.9 BB2, WarpOS 5.1, PowerUP emulation, Warp3D 4.2, CyberGraphX 4
WHDLoad 16.9 registered

WHDLoad was working fine a week ago, but now when I try to run any WHDLoad software that preloads the system will hang at the WHDLoad intro screen, and if I run any WHDLoad software without preload the intro screen will disappear and the system will hang at a black screen. I am thinking perhaps some of my SIMMs on the CyberStorm have been damaged as we've had a heatwave here recently and I left my system on for several hours the other day with the case open by accident. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks so much.
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