Zorro II Ide and/or CF controller


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Apr 18, 2015
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Hi all,

recently I started tunning my A2000 and first I noticed is, as u may all have of course done long ago, there's a problem when you want to get HD support. Most of the cards whether are too expensive or simply there's none for sale. In addition, most of them would be for SCSI (look know for a SCSI ide...).

Then, I was just thinking... why not making a Zorro II with CF support? Simplest card possible, only cf support.

Since I am a maiden programmer I would have no problem programming any FPGA needed, the only thing is I have never done a PCB before so now comes the problem: where to start from?? I have the big books of Amiga HW, I started reading the Zorro II specs, but my biggest problem is ... I have not enough microelectronics knowledge...

Then, here I'm asking for the following:
- advice: recommended lectures / micro controllers
- help of any kind

I would really say such a project could be very very nice. Of course CF Zorro II card would be the beginning, RAM would be a very plus and I guess (from the ignorance) using not-so-old RAM modules would be possible as long as there's no timing problems or so... Also making it available for the A500 would be nice, I also have 1 (not the plus one...).

And just for those who might wonder "why CF"? Well, since CF is the most spread (along with the cf to sd) support used nowadays, I guess that would be a good option.

What do you all think?

Thank you!!
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Aug 19, 2009
Jens was talking about ACA 2000 similar to ACA 500 it wouldn't be zorro II as it would connect to the cpu slot but would give you CF storage and you would be able to connect an ACA12xx however no news in a while on that project...
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