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I’ve been hooked on Computers and Video Games for years, but where did it all start? Well my first Console was an Atari 2600, probably circa 1985. Hooked up to our living room TV I used to love paying Centipede, Asteroids and Space Invaders I’d have been about 6 years old at the time.

A few years later my Stepdad moved in with his Spectrum 48k and I was like WOW. It was such an awesome system to use I guess I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. He shortly upgraded to the 128k(Toastrack) and the following Christmas I got my very own Spectrum 128k +2b. I used to play it on a 20in Black & White TV in my Bedroom, I doubt I ever got any sleep back in those days. I remember being very tired at school! I used to love playing the Dizzy games and classics like Manic Miner, Odd Job Eddy etc.

In fact to this day I still have all the original Spectrum games from my childhood. My 128k+2b died years ago but I replaced it with a +3 which I still have now, I’ve even recently upgraded it with an IDE Compact Flash drive. I’ll share more on that in another article.

A couple of years later one of my friends had an Amiga A500, I was really jealous but we couldn’t afford one. I ended up buying an Sega Master System with my Nan’s Christmas money and Sonic the hedgehog, I got in big trouble because I was about £5-£10 short and borrowed it from my friend, my mum went mad that I’d overspent and come back asking her for more money!

I loved that Master System, Alex Kidd, the built in game was one of my favorites. Must have been about 1988-1990.. I also lost many hours to classic Games like Fantasy Zone.

Around the same time I got a Nintendo Gameboy, this was epic at the time. I was addicted to Tertis & Super Mario Land. It was second hand but came with about 14 Games in a carry case. I was well chuffed and took it everywhere. I remember my Dad bought me a booster boy for it, that was awesome!

Mon booster boy.JPG
Booster Boy

We later got a Sega Megadrive as a family system and I got a Super Nintendo of my own a year or two later, maybe 1994? I think we might have got a 2nd hand NES too at some point. Some of my friend at school had Amiga 1200′s, I was always envious of them…

I used to save up money from my paper round and buy Games for the Snes second hand. I loved Super Mario World, Killer Instinct, Unicycle, UMK3 and the Donkey Kong Country Games although I got my PlayStation 1 when DK3 came out so have never played it to completion (I have it now though!)

Super Nintendo

I briefly had a Sega Saturn too but I sold it to a friend, at the time I favored the PlayStation 1 and loved Ridge Racer, Crash Bandicoot, F1(95) and NBA live.

At this time I was working full time and living at home, I bought most systems shortly after they were released and often traded in the old ones. I had a Nintendo 64 then a Japanese Sega Dreamcast and traded that for a PAL Dreamcast on release, it seemed like ages before we got the Dreamcast here in the UK and then the PS2 came out!

Sega Dreamcast

I absolutely loved playing House of the Dead 2, I had a big TV too at the time and HiFi separates, all in my bedroom my friends used to love coming over. Girlfriends however always though I was a bit sad with all my gadgets!

Shortly after, I guess about 1997/1998 I got my first PC, a Compaq Presario and I paid a fortune for it, it was the first thing I bought on credit, I think it was like 10 payments of about £150!

It was a Pentium 200mmx with 8mb Ram! I had to double the Ram soon after as with Windows 98 (I upgraded as it was shipped with 95) was too slow! It had only 2mb onboard SVGA, I learned the hard way about upgrade limitations of branded PC’s, only had PCI slots but was good enough for my Voodoo 2 8mb that I bought (with pass through) 3DFX opened up a whole new world of Gaming.

I played Quake/Quake II, Duke Nukem 3D, Ultimate Race Pro and spent a lot of hours on the internet at 1p a minute lol.

My next PC was a Hewlett Packard, (AMD K62 with 3D Now ) you’d of thought I’d have learned my lesson from the Compaq, had that only a few months and then started building my own PC’s, I had many over the years from AMD Athlon 800mhz, 1000mhz, (GForce MX440 upgraded to Radeon 9600) AMD 3200+, 3800+ (I bought the most expensive Graphics card I could afford, the GForce 6800 Ultra!) Then came the Dual Core AMD 4400+ X2, (I had 2 NVidia 8800GTS in SLI which was awesome) AMD 5200+ and now AMD FX X4 4170 (with NVidia GTX260) Not the fastest PC in the world these days but does everything I need it too…

I was really hooked on online Gaming, I used to play Quake III online, Unreal Tournament, Soldier of Fortune II (I was in a Gaming Clan for years and I used to run the Servers) we also played Call of Duty/United Offensive (I loved those trip wires!) And ecen moved onto Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare)
Those were the days… I quit at Call of Duty Modern Warfare II when they stopped us from hosting our own dedicated servers. The way games are played online has really changed and I don’t care for it anymore. There used to be excellent online Gaming communities, it all seems very faceless these days.
I’ve now turned to collecting Games Consoles and Computers, many of which I didn’t ave the opportunity to own at the time.

Right now I have in my collection:

128k & +3 I have a DivIDE for my Spectrum’s and as mentioned an 8bit IDE device installed in my +3

CPC464 with Colour Monitor

Commodore (non Amiga)
C64C with SD2IEC and Final Cartridge III


Sega Saturn Modded(White/Jap), Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2 slim, PC Engine CoreGrafX, Super Nintendo +switchless Modchip, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive II(switchless modded), Mega CD II, Sega 32x, Nintendo NES, Philips CDI and a 3DO.

Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Atari Jaguar, Gameboy Colour, GBA Micro, Nintendo DS & 3DS XL, PSP, Neo Geo Pocket, GP32 and Gemei A330(Open source systems)

Neo Geo MVS with MultiCart & SuperGun MkIV - Scart-Sony PVM

A1200 with Blizzard 1260+SCSI Kit, Indi AGA MkII and SCSI Card Reader.
A4000 with WarpEngine 040, CV64/3D, 256mb Ram and Toccata 16bit Sound Card.
A500+ with 2mb Ram and ACA500
CD32 with a stack of original games (50+)
And finally my Micro Amiga One running OS4.1 :ninja:

My first A1200 came in about 2002? Bought for nostalgia purposes from a Car boot sale. Used it for a few years and boxed it up. Got it out a few years ago to sell it… That idea as you can see went a little bit wrong!


I will share more on these projects with you over the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!



Nice write up steve 👍 , might have do sumat similar myself - wot ave a blog - WoW - 🌈

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