AA3000+ LED Board

Ok so I finally got my AA3000+ after postal services resumed and hese could actually ship it to Canada (thank you hese!). After some initial troubles with the Super DMAC dying (thank you again hese for the support)...I finally got the AA3000+ running in my A3000 case (with a new Super DMAC chip) and I settled in on getting my replacement LED board working. (I had earlier purchased an A3000 system but it came with no LED board). Luckily the seller had made some replacement LED PCB's and he did include one.
I had purchased some LED's from Digikey months ago and I set about to solder them in and the connecting wires which I cut from an old fan. After much fiddling I got the LED's in pretty good positions. They are 2x5mm LED's. You can't get the original double-LED anymore that I know of, so I had to settle for 2 LED's each for the Power and HDD. Also, Digikey did not have yellow in stock, so I chose red LEDs for the HDD.
They look ok, you can sorta tell it's two LED's, but overall not bad! It looks worse in the photos actually. In real life it is harder to make out the individual LED lights, so it does look pretty good when they are illuminated. I will adjust the positions a bit more, but for now I am satisfied. I rather like the red LED for the HDD 📷
I thought going with something slightly different for the AA3000+ was suitable...after all, who knows, maybe if C= did release the A3000+ it could have come with a red HDD LED 📷
BTW, if anyone does have original real LED's or know of a source to get them, I'd be interested to buy them! (and yes I did trim the LED legs after I took these photos




They look great!

Using two LEDs gives me an idea to split up the HDD activity lights so I can use a zorro board's LED activity light there in conjunction with the onboard one.

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