American Coco Bandicoot Beanie Plush

Following on from my entry about Crash Bandicoot, yesterday, here's Crash's sister, the computer geek, Coco Bandicoot.


Unlike Crash, Coco here is a beanbag plush made for the US market. These became available in the UK in the early summer of 1999. It was still a time when game-related plushes tended to be mostly made for the Japanese market, so even though there had been a few Western-specific plushes, and even some made specifically for the UK market, over a few of the preceding years, retailed video game plushes like these were still quite novel at the time!

Despite being from an entirely different manufacturer and toy-line than Crash, Coco is perfectly sized to fit in with him.


Coco was manufactured by the ill-fated action figure company, ReSaurus, who also produced an excellent, though sadly fragile, line of Crash Bandicoot action figures in late 1998 and early 1999.

Unlike other plushes of the time (and, indeed, unlike other plushes in general, as this isn't a very common occurrence), her eyes and eyebrows are neither plastic nor embroidered - they're printed onto/into a slightly fuzzy-feeling velvet or velour-like material, and fused to her face. This gives her quite a unique look.


Originally, she had a metal keyring with a plastic key-clip attached to a very small loop on the top of her head, but I removed this as soon as I got her, back in the day.

Unlike the action figures that ReSaurus produced, I'm pretty sure that they never issued a second series of beanie plushes. If any were designed, they definitely never saw release, as ReSaurus went out of business the following year, taking several work-in-progress product lines with it.

The line that Coco is from also included Crash (obviously), and bad guys Dr. Neo Cortex, and Komodo Moe.


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