Babbage Bear

Today's post is a bit of a rarity, as it covers merchandise that is currently available!


This is Babbage Bear, a mascot of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a British charity dedicated to improving the teaching of computing and related subjects.

Babbage is a little honey-coloured bear with dense, fleece-like fur that, unusually, has a darker-coloured base fabric. This gives him quite an interesting and unique look. His pawpads and foot-pads are a golden colour that's somewhat reminiscent of Caramac bars! He wears a white t-shirt that's been printed with the Raspberry Pi logo.

You can currently buy a Babbage of your very own from the Raspberry Pi Swag shop. Each one sold helps to support the charity in achieving its goals. Who doesn't want British computing education to be lifted out of the mire that it's been in for the last fifteen to twenty years or so?


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