Banjo-Kazooie Beanie Plush - Banjo & Kazooie

Back in 1998, video game merchandise wasn't nearly so easy to get hold of as it is now - especially in the UK. The plush I'm showcasing today was made for the US market by Bensussen Deutsch & Associates (who would later go on to produce the official Jazz Jackrabbit beanie plush, as well). It's Banjo and Kazooie, from the N64 game, Banjo-Kazooie, released in late 1998, a little bit after the game's launch.

Only a couple of mail order import shops in the UK carried these guys, and the other toys in this general Nintendo plush line, and they were quite difficult to get hold of even so, as one of them had a tendency to frequently send out incorrect orders. I can still vividly remember waiting and hoping for the post every day after I ordered Banjo, here, whilst also hoping that the shop in question wouldn't get the order wrong. :LOL:


Banjo is a great likeness, and has all the details that you'd expect him to have, like the fang pendant he wears around his neck, stitched-on claws on his fingers and toes, a leather-effect belt with his yellow shorts, and, of course, his backpack, containing none other than his best friend, the crested breegull, Kazooie.


What you can see of Kazooie, though, is almost all there is - it's possible to turn her out of Banjo's backpack somewhat, and this reveals that she only has her body, and that they didn't go the extra mile of tucking her legs in there as well, unfortunately! Still, she's there, and when left as she's supposed to be, she looks great.


Banjo stands at the typical beanie plush height of about six or so inches tall, and his beans in his feet.

Aside from a couple of slightly different-looking Banjo & Kazooie plushes made exclusively for the Japanese arcade prize market at around the time of the game's Japanese launch, these were the only plushes - and, indeed, some of the only merchandise at all - ever created of these characters, and definitely the only plushes made for retail sale.


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