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There were a couple of well-known pop singles based on video games back in the early 1990s. Tunes based on Super Mario Land and Tetris were famously released, and spent some time high up in the UK charts.

There was also a second Mario single, "Go, Mario, Go!", which seemed to get no publicity or radio-time whatsoever, and a Sonic The Hedgehog single, "H.W.A.: Hedgehogs With Attitude", which was hyped a little bit in some magazines but received no airplay that I'm aware of. Given these circumstances, these two are naturally a bit less well-known than the Super Mario Land and Tetris singles.


What's almost completely unknown, though, is that in early 1993 (so, at around the same time as the other four singles), a Lemmings single was also released, in order to help promote Lemmings 2: The Tribes, which had recently been released on the Commodore Amiga. The single was simply titled Lemmings, and is usually referred to as "Lemmings by SFX", because it was by a group called SFX. ;)

SFX were composed of a handful of people who more famously worked with The KLF, a group who were without a doubt best-known for Justified & Ancient (Stand By The JAMs), featuring Tammy Wynette.


Lemmings by SFX was released on CD, tape, and vinyl, and to the best of my knowledge was only promoted via a leaflet that was included with some big-box releases of Lemmings 2, as well as in one magazine article (see below). What you see here, of course, is the CD version. As was the norm for these video game singles, it contains a few mixes of the song, plus a thematically-similar but mostly unrelated extra tune as the final track. I only say "mostly" in the case of this specific single, as this one actually ends with a spoken solution to the Lemmings 2 level shown on the inside of the CD's inlay card - the unrelated extra tracks on the other singles don't include anything like this.

The single was covered on page 121 of the June 1993 issue (that is, issue 61) of Amiga Computing, which sheds some light on its creation, and mentions, amongst other things, that it was made for the fun of it, and that those behind the record didn't expect to make much money from it at all.

So, what's the song like? Glad you asked!


As you can see and hear, it's all very much in the same vein as Justified & Ancient (Stand By The JAMs), and chances are if you like that, then you'll also like Lemmings by SFX.

I only wish I could find out what happened to the Lemmings puppet and costumes from that video!


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