Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 4)

Well, after all the shenanigans with the DVD drive, its fitted and although the inside isnt tidy, and there are some more things I will do if I get a chance, its closed up and running, and I am loving it.
(Just in case anyone has the same question I did, I would suggest M2 3mm screws to fit the LG GS40N - the 4mm ones I used for the DVD block the mechanism if too tight. )


As you can see in the pics I added the risers.

Things I may get round to in future (but not now)

1. redo the home made back panel for the USB and ethernet to give me more room to add some 50mm fans for some ventilation - but so far its not needed.
2. tidy up the remaining open gaps at the back and cover the back of the PSU adapter
3. try and tidy up the internal cabling
4. Maybe even think about a rapid Road USB one day - bit its really not a priority.

I am finding myself drawn to use the machine much more than before - it just seems easier with the switch at the front! and am even playing Music CDs on it whilst I work. Once again, I do love this case and this is in danger of now becoming my favourite amiga and overtaking my towered B1260.

If anyone has any questions about the build, do let me know........


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