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Well, I had a number of things I still wanted to sort on my checkmate a1200, most importantly was fixing the non working pcmcia networking situation, and being able to see card activity on the ehide port on my tf1260. I have previously attempted to create a "hack" to do this but my soldering skills were too poor and it didn't last.
Anyway, I thought I would combine this task with moving the cf card adapter to the front of the case where I currently have usb ports. I understand that the ehide doesn't like anything more than short ide cables, so I asked amigastore if they could do one of their buffered ide interfaces but solder on two extra pins for me to try and continue experimenting with hacking the checkmate leds. So they very kindly put this together for me:


They even tested it with a long ide cable on the ehide port for me.

So I took the checkmate apart - always a risk when I do something like that - and quickly established that my pcmcia network issues were indeed to do with one of the two 90 degree adapters I was using. Oh well, I will just give in and have the pcmcia card sticking out the side.
I had also got an insert 3d printed for the front of the checkmate case to put the cf card adapter in and so installed that.
Now I put it all back together with only a few tribulations along the way with the following results:
-Pcmcia networking is fine with the card sticking out the side slot.
- the front facing cf slot works fine so far, and ironically the tiny led on the cf card adapter is very visible and so completely alleviates the need to continue with any 'hacks', performance is slightly slower than before - I am getting just under 4mb/s on sysinfo without overclocking - but I am using quite a long cable.
-the RTC i installed in an earlier post isn't working properly but when I installed it I found it was really sensitive and needed jiggling, so I think it will just need some tweaking.
- I am routingh the USB ports out the back, works fine with a short USB extension cable so I can easily ploug in a USB stick.

The summerhouse is getting rather cold now and so I won't be out there much till spring (cost of heating etc), so it will be good to have most things working and closed up shortly. I will be working on my towered and wedge a1200s over winter.
But anyway - here is a closing shot
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