Cute and Practical - K.K. Slider Blanket

As well as collecting computer and video game-related plushes, I'm also a fan of cute and practical merchandise, articles of which most often seem to be released as prize items exclusive to Japanese arcades. This piece, featuring K.K. Slider, the singing dog from Nintendo's Animal Crossing series, is one such item.


In its default state, it resembles a pudgy, somewhat tubular-looking plush toy, but that's not what it really is.


When unrolled (which I couldn't do fully in this photograph due to lacking the room), this squishy rendition of K.K. Slider becomes a roughly 38"x24" blanket, made from shaggy, sheepskin-style synthetic fleece, with a flat, fuzzy backing, and a dark grey trim. K.K.'s features then appear to be merely a motif at the right-hand side of the blanket.


When you've finished using the blanket and want to return it to K.K. Slider form, you simply fold it in two places (this aspect is very thoughtfully designed - K.K.'s ears and feet actually indicate the lines along which you must fold), place it with K.K. Slider face-down, and then roll it up from the end furthest away from the K.K. motif, before fastening a button-and-loop closure that will keep it that way until you want to use it again. This makes the blanket compact and easy to travel with.

Useful, cute items like this are what provide me with the inspiration for things like my Lemmings plush phone case. It's only a shame that most of them never seem to leave Japan!


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