Diddy Kong DX Plush

Diddy Kong has always been my favourite of the Kong clan - he's faster, nimbler, and all around more fun to watch and play as than Donkey Kong is, for me.

As with so many of my other merchandise write-ups here, I always wanted one of these when I was a youngster, but I had to be patient, because I didn't get this guy until 2003!


Diddy here is a "DX" plush, made by Banpresto in 2000. DX (short for "Deluxe") type plushes are the larger type of plushes given away as prizes in Japanese arcades, and tend to be of the same design, build, and fabric quality that you would find in a plush purchased at retail - and it's not like the smaller Japanese prize plushes are very far below this sort of quality to begin with!


He was released to coincide with the release of the Game Boy Colour version of Donkey Kong Country, though his manufacturer tag also carries a credit for TV Tokyo. TV Tokyo ran the French/Canadian-produced motion-captured CGI Donkey Kong Country TV series in Japan in the late 1990s, and, since I can't find the dates that it originally began airing there, I can only assume that the release of these plushes was also tied in with that. The plush's design is based on his in-game look, and not that used in the TV series, though.


This plush is noteworthy because, to the best of my knowledge, it was the last piece of merchandise produced of Diddy Kong prior to Nintendo selling their controlling stake in Rare, and immediately following this up by giving a redesign to all of the Donkey Kong series characters that Rare had handled. In Diddy's case, he was made to look slightly taller and lankier, and was given five digits on all of his hands and feet; This plush features his original look, with shorter legs, and four digits on his hands and three on his feet. It thankfully does not feature the strange-looking blue eyes that appeared in the promotional artwork for Diddy Kong Racing - I never felt that those looked quite right!

I think that this is definitely the best likeness of Diddy Kong that has ever been made in plush form. (y)


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