expanding the Man Cave

Well as I seem to be getting nowhere fast with my A1200, and have little occassion to use it in the spare room, my attention has turned to the summerhouse. As my daughters are getting older and I approach 40, I think I need a man cave of retro goodness.
So, My desk out in the summerhouse currently has :
1 Working PC (networked of course) - although not retro.
1 working commodore 64c with SD card drive.
1 working PS2 - I love SSX tricky
A working but boxed up Plus 4 (the only one of these that I actually owned as a kid)
A couple of other old PCs that are spares.
It also has my old separates amp, cd player and tape player, and a fridge and freezer.
I dont want to put my a1200 out there being honest (well actually yes I would as I would use it more) as its not very secure, or actually ideal conditions for computers of any kind, as although it is insulated it still get humid and cold/hot out there. But I think it needs an Amiga presence, so perhaps I will look to pick up a cheap A500 just to have a couple of specific games out there. I have spare mouse/PSU etc so hopefully I will find one near me.
If I get round to repainting, I will add pics!


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