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When it comes to some neglected, under-appreciated, or otherwise defunct computer and video game series and brands, there tends to be little or no merchandise available. This is frustrating, but where there's a will, there's a way, and the internet has enabled a boom in the exchange of custom items made by fans, for fans. I make such things myself, and also happen to buy such things from time to time, as well.


One of my favourite such items is a little crocheted lemming, who I named Amigo (who has appeared here before, in the first of my blog entries showcasing my collection of Lemmings stuff). He recently provided me with a bit of inspiration to start maintaining a list of fan-made Lemmings items that are currently available for sale, and in turn, that list has inspired me to write this blog entry, collecting links to places where one can buy by-fans-for-fans goods. For all I know, this may well get a follow-up in the future, but for now I'm only going to write about the places that I currently know about.

Here we go;

The Lemmings Fan Goods Index - Maintained by myself under my Lemmings-specific handle, this list points to all of the currently-available fan-made Lemmings goods that I'm aware of. - An online shop that originally spun off from the EarthBound fan community, sells all sorts of merchandise, from clothing to blind-boxed figures, inspired by all sorts of games.

Etsy - Sort of like an equivalent to eBay, but specifically for hand-made and vintage goods and supplies, Etsy is home to many sellers who sell items based on their favourite things, which of course includes old games and hardware, amongst many others. - An online store specialising in retro gaming and computing-inspired clothing, cushions, and accessories.

Retro-Protect - The work of fellow AmiBayer, Retro-Protect, who makes fantastic-looking dust-covers for all manner of retro hardware. - An online shop selling items based on various franchises, from clothing to plushes to badges to coins.

Without a doubt, there are plenty of other such resources out there, but these are the ones that most readily spring to mind.


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