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Well I have been so busy with work that I havent been able to spend much Amiga time for a while, but as the new Amibay is back and looks really good I have to say, I thought i would post something.
It is also about this time of year that upgrade fever hits me and I so I was considering what I should focus on.
Now, PPC stuff is beyond me financially, and I am not interested in Vampires etc. As far as I can see my towered a1200 is basically complete therefore. Doing anything else would require changing the old mediator for a new one (to get extra PCI slots) and adding a radeon alongside the current Voodoo card. Doesnt really inspire me as I already have additional Ram via the Blizzard SCSI, surely 192mb is enough.....

With my favourite Amiga (Checkmate a1200) I do still have a few things i would like to do, and I think I have two projects.

First, I need to get a clockport expander, that will allow me to still use my rapidroad usb, but also add a RTC (My TF1260 doesnt have one), and add some kind of temperature sensor that I can attach to the TF1260 CPU.
Secondly, I would like the HD activity light on the checkmate to flash for activity on the EHIDE on the TF1260, as I use that for my CF drive. I have seen some hacks for messing around with the replacement LEDs you can get and linking them to the CF card, but I wonder if I can do this through the checkmates LED panel whch has other connectors for use with PCs etc that are currently unused.
After these two priojects though, I think my Checkmate a1200 will have gone as far as it can, unless someone has a suggestion.

Longer term i suppose its more about software upgrades - both my systems are running on clean 3.2 builds that have been customised quite a bit. I didnt bother with 3.2.1 as I am happy with 3.2, but I suppose when the next iteration comes out I may feel the need to redo them. The problem is when I do that I can never remember the little changes and things I had to install to get my current setup working.

So - anyone got any advice about (a) a simple clockport based temperature sensor (I have seen various options around) that could either take 1 input, or 3 (to cover the CPLDs as well) and easily display (and even better log) the temps on the TF1260. Obviously what I would realy want here is a SOLAS board but that doesnt seem every likely to happen so I need to move on.
about modding the Checkmate case LEDs to show drive activity directly from a CF drive. I could I spoose even just run an LED directly from the CF drive and add it to the case. Not sure how good that would look.


There are some commercially available clockport based RTCs that include a temperature sensor on a wire that you can place anywhere inside the case. That's probably your best bet. I've also seen clockport based I2C devices for sale in the past, you could use that and build out your own too.

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