Indivision AGA Mk3

OK - so no progress on anything else but I finally ordered an Indy Mk3 for my wedge a1200. It came, I fitted it and I got a picture. I then connected it to the Omniport from my previous post, and was a bit concerned about which way to put the cable. The manual for the Omniport only shows the connector for the Mk2CR which is a different port, but shows the red pin nearest the connector and the cable running straight back towards the Indy. But I was concerned because if i lined up the red pin from My Indy Mk3 like that, the cable runs away from the Indy.
Now as you will see from previous posts I have an ability to connect stuff the wrong way round with painful results, so I did just want confirmation so emailed Alinea where I had got the omniport. They confirmed the important thing is to have the red pin/wire nearest the HDMI connector. I did this and it all works! (No magic smoke).

Anyway, so, I still cannot quite get my head around the setup to give me a higher resolution workbench, but that was not helped by me previously using New Mode to deal with a problem with Sysinfo, which kept getting int he way.
I did manage to get sound over the HDMI and it shows workbench nicely and the few games I tested. So thats a result.
I will come back another time to work through the whole config for the Indy - it says to make a backup disk first but everytime I tried I had corruption on the floppy disks. Not sure yet if its my drive or the disks - when I get more time I will try a different set of disks and also an external drive.
But overall, its another step forwards and the Indy is deifinitely a nice step up from the Mk2.


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