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Having purchased a second A1200 to fulfil my plan of having one in the summerhouse for games etc, I sent the new motherboard off to TheCorfiot in Wales for some work, namely:
recap the board (of course), reinforce the power lines to the floppy drive power connector, remove the RF modulator, and add some power connections off the PSU plug so I could run power to the DVD drive and fans. I also asked for timing fixes as neither my B1260 or ACA1221 would boot with the new motherboard. I also sent the B1260 along for the ride to have a new battery fitted.

Just for the record, my previous motherboard (which is now going in the summerhouse) had a molex run off the PSU plug as follows:

This week I received back my stuff, all done and looking absolutely pristine. (y)

I have been away for a few days but got back last night and have started to rebuild my miggy.
First off, here is what Bas did with the power connectors I asked for, which has worked PERFECTLY, as I have a molex out the back to power the slimline DVD that sits under the miggy, and one inside for the fans.
IMAG0719.jpg IMAG0721.jpg

So, with nothing connected apart from the power and RGB to scart cable, booted straight up to the kickstart screen (y)
Added in the Indy MK2, (attaching those is always such fun) - boots fine to the kickstart screen through both RGB and DVI (y)
Added back the floppy drive and a mouse - booted to kickstart screen (y)
Booted from workbench 3.1 floppy to workbench (y)
Added in IDE-Fix express and CF adapter with CWBADV on it - booted to workbench but obviously was really unhappy as there was no extra memory at that moment (y)
Added in the Blizzard 1260 with SCSI kit, and reverted to my normal CWB3.9 CF, held my breath...and ....stuck on boot with some non resident library error - then realised that I had not re enabled Blizzkick of my custom ROM meaning it was trying to boot off 3.0 roms :Doh:
fixed that (forgot as my other machine has 3.1 roms) and it booted up to workbench (y)
But there was various screen corruption all over the place - only on workbench (I use HighGFX), so I took off and reseated the Indymk2, and rebooted several times, and that seemed to clear it! (y)
Although I haven't run it for long, everything including the B1260 etc seems to check out - cool
And thats where I have got to - I need to change around some of my fan connectors etc and add back in the DVD Rom etc, so the project wont be fully rebuilt for a little while, but I just want to say thanks for the great job Bas did with this - superb to deal with and seems to have done a first class job. Thanks again mate. :bowdown:


Hmmmm - the screen artifacts are back but seem to go once the machine has been on for a minute or so? What is that about?
To fix that screen corruptions, just shortcut 127R and add a heatsink over the lisa.

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