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Now, given that my SCSI dream was unfulfilled, and although I had a slightly quicker CF setup (well about 4x faster than before – but still not quite the heights I was looking for), the fever remained unquenched.
So, what to do. My miggy is raised on legs due to the angled simm slot on my 1260, and this gave me an idea (well OK – I have seen someone else do this before, which actually gave me the idea). I decided it would be good to use the secondary channel on the IDE-Fix Express to add a slim CD Drive under the machine (didn’t fancy putting it in the case as I already had space/heat issues).

I decided I wanted a slot loader – didn’t fancy trays sticking out etc – and opened a thread here to look for one. In the end I got one elsewhere, but that was as I saw one with a white front and an eject button (and this was the only such one I had seen). I also had to take advice as to what adapter to put on the back etc.
I also ordered one of those slimline enclosures for the DVD drive, to encase it under the miggy. I came with a USB plug etc on the back, but I figured I could attack the back of the case with my dremel and replace that with the correct one.
All well and good until I got most of the parts together and realised I had ordered a SATA drive, rather than one with a JAE connector. Muppet.
Anyway, after some thinking and changing around of ideas, I finally decided that rather than repurpose that drive and try for another, I would go with the nice white one I bought, and see where that led me. I have just received the new adapter - and hope to at least try it out tonight - BUT........(and yes there is always a but with me).
I was sure I had ordered the one that had a 44 pin IDE on the back and nothing else. It is mentioned on page 2 of the thread I had looking for a drive. The cable I was going to use (that I had already) is a 40 pin to 44pin plus molex. No worries I thought, the floppy power extension cable has an fdd connector not molex, but I shall mod it to attach a molex so it will connect.
Which I did last night.
Today when the adapter turned up, it has the correct SATA plug, (I think) but has a 40 pin ide with a separate floppy power connector. So first up tonight is to undo the modification I did last night. :picard

Oh well. I have tried to attach a picture of what I think still looks like a cool drive, and once it works, (IF) then I will add some more and put up another post.
Probably more likely is that I will post about whatever I do wrong next!



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