McDonalds Super Mario Super Mushroom

Earlier this year, the UK arm of McDonalds announced, quite out of the blue, that they would be featuring the Super Mario franchise in their Happy Meals. There were eight toys, with four being static figures, and four having some sort of interactive feature (I only got a couple of them, as I'm not really a fan of McDonalds' food). Whilst all of them were of great quality and design, one in particular stood head and shoulders above the rest - the Super Mushroom.


This was the first one given away, at least in my region, and it was definitely the best possible start for the promotion.

It's a palm-sized replica of the famous power-up from the Super Mario Bros. games, and, when grabbed or pushed onto a surface, it makes the equally famous sound effect that's associated with it, thanks to a button located on its base.


As you can see, it even has an on/off switch and a battery hatch so that the power-source can be replaced!

It's a fun item, and a nice little decoration for my desk. (y)


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