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Deep sigh .......Well, I was trying to get Payback working on my towered a1200, but I have started to have issues with it. Programs failing due to 80000004 errors or something like that.
Googling seemed to suggest possible memory errors and it seems to be worsening, so I put Amiga Analyser on disk and ran the memory tests, and it found errors in the 256mb I have on the blizzard and SCSI kit.
So, removed memory from the SCSI kit and reran tests - all passed
swapped ram stick over and reran tests, all passed.
Concluded it was the SCSI kit, but put ram back in that anyway to see if reseating helped -ran tests - all passed.
Put the sides of the case back on, ran Roadshow and Ibrowse and Ibrowse crashed with that error.
FFS. :mad:

Gonna take the memory out of the SCSI kit and see if the machine runs OK like that. If it does then I will just live with 128mb :D

To cap it all off I have messed around with the Indy MK2 on my other machine and not cannot see workbench - need to dig out my old scart cable I think to change the settings.


Well at least I have resolved the issue with the Indy Mk 2, but my tower remains a problem.
This 80000004 error occurs when the mask transfer has been set too high. You have to lower the maxtransfer to 00x1fe00 for each partition you have and try again. if your memory error has been solved.

Are both Simm's the same brand and speed? If not try to set the jumper on your Blizzard card to 70 ns speed.
Cheers - the mask was set properly and has been working for ages and ages? Also I use PFS3AIO which IIRC deals with the mask issue anyway.
Simms are different but this setup has been working merrily together for well years - even before I towered the a1200.
It was accidentally left running for a long time a few weeks ago and I wonder if something has been fried.
I need to find some time to play around with it as it definitely seemed happier without the sim in the SCSI kit and the only issue I had after that was a surprise reboot that may have had more to do with what I was doing (trying to run Payback Warp 3d) than a crash. But I didnt have much time to test.
Well after running the miggy through its paces this evening I am concluding that removing the ram stick from the scsi kit has resolved that particular issue. As yest I am not clear if its the SCSI kit or the ram that has the issue. That will take more testing/time.....
Swapped in a 64mb stick from my spares box into the SCSI kit and all seems to run well. Needs more time to prove it but looking like it is the ram stick causing the issue. Oh well, suppose its the least worst outcome!

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