New Bubble Bobble Plushes Incoming!

I make plush toys, and will soon begin taking commissions online. However, one thing I won't make is plushes of characters who already have officially-released toys available.

Two characters often requested of me are Bub and Bob, the Bubble Dragons from Bubble Bobble, and whilst these two have had several official soft toys previously, they are now getting tricky to find.

Today, I found that there are new Bub and Bob plushes due to be released for the Western market in May, and they're up for pre-order now from Gamerabilia. They're about eight and a half inches tall, and make sounds from the game.


It goes without saying that I've pre-ordered a Bub. (y)


Looks awesome, perfect for a games room, had to order both. :), and a doom plush as well.
@Harrison - Don't they ever? These are the best officially-licensed Bubble Bobble plushes that have ever been produced, hands-down. By far. Exactly what I wanted to buy in the early 1990s, when I first started playing the game.

@Jamma - The Doom plushes are hilarious! Alas, I had an e-mail a day or two ago noting that the Bubble Bobble plushes have been delayed by a few weeks due to an issue with the sound-chips. :( Still, it won't be too long!

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